Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Reorganizing this blog.

I decided it's time to reorganize the domain name setup for this blog. Previously, it was accessible via two web addresses:
 One side effect of this setup is that the blog's cookies are set up under my sensicomm.com domain. I decided that I don't like the idea of scripts that I didn't write and don't control running under  the identity of a domain that I do control.

So in the new setup this blog is still accessible and will appear unchanged using the blogspot address. The sensicomm address contains static copies of all previous postings, but not any comments made on those postings.

If you have a web site containing a like to an old blog post, you might want to update the link. For example,
  1. http://blog.sensicomm.com/2015/09/pebble-watch-programming.html
  2. http://sensicomm.blogspot.com/2015/09/pebble-watch-programming.html
The old address of this post[1] now points to the static copy of that post, while the new address[2] contains both the post and any comments.

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