Monday, February 21, 2011


Followup to my previous post, related to Kaveh's comment. This post describes how I set up HDMI TX and RX.
To test HDMI TX and RX, I loaded the HDMI switch example from Xilinx App Note 495. Loaded Top-level files dvi_demo.v and dvi_demo.ucf into ISE WebPACK, along with all the lower-level modules they require. Everything is in from Xilinx.
Board configuration:
JP6&JP7 in: link SCL/SDA between TX&RX.
JP11 in: boot from USB stick.
JP5 in: Enable J1 HDMI input.
Connected J2 to display, J3 to source (J1 sometimes works as well).
I load dvi_demo.bit from a USB stick - takes about 30 seconds each time.
Tested with a Samsung TV and DirecTV box and Samsung BluRay.
The LED's show that RX is sync'ing with the signal and the display shows up on the TV. Tried several channels at different resolutions (no 1080p ones available). Sometimes had to unplug and replug the HDMI cables to get things to sync up. Just video, no audio passing through yet for some reason.
So that's my progress so far.