Friday, May 23, 2008

AX8 core, UART, and uC programming

Progress! I got the AX8 core (a uC based on the Atmel AVR instruction set, available from running on the Xilinx Spartan-3an eval board. It writes to the UART core, and I can see the UART's output on my PC.
Since it takes 7 minutes or more to recompile an FPGA design, I decided to set up data2mem. That's a Xilinx-supplied tool to update just the contents of internal RAM blocks without doing a full recompile. It took quite a bit of searching, but I figured out how to do it, and it works fast.
Details are online at


M said...

Great blog! I will follow it!

I just started to xilinx with a Spartan-3AN and I'm a Deb-fan too.

So, good luck and have [fpga]fun!

Joe Rothweiler said...

Welcome! Thanks for visiting.